With the grab hire service from Kollect Hire, you can remove large volumes of building debris and landscaping waste. They provide a full range of express grab hire services as an alternative to conventional skips, which are ideal for accessing difficult areas and working over fences and walls. With their wide range of lorries and drivers who are skilled, efficient, and helpful, they offer grab hire services of the highest quality.

Grab lorries are highly efficient and provide the same efficiencies at a fraction of the cost of the traditional skip but with the added advantage of being able to fit more waste in. With a grab lorry from Kollect Hire, you can also have your waste collected and transported safely to the place of disposal at a time that fits your schedule.

Why Use Grab Lorry Services From Kollect Hire?

Whether you want to manage muck away, dispose of general rubbish, or transport aggregates, grab lorries by Kollect Hire are the answer to your problems.

Our grab lorries are specifically designed with access in mind, using a bucket and hydraulic grab arm are used to reach otherwise inaccessible areas to collect waste. They can accommodate all clients, large or small with their 26-tonne lorry’s. They are equipped with fully trained and certified drivers who can operate the grab services and can pick up and deliver waste in even the most awkward locations. All grab lorries from Kollect Hire are well maintained, ensuring a fast and reliable service, and can typically be loaded within 15 to 30 minutes.

You can rely on their expert advice to find the most affordable and suitable solution for your waste removal problems. They will arrive directly on-site at the time that suits you, offering thorough, safe services with minimal disturbance and their team ensure that all your waste disposal needs – even the most specialised ones – are met.

Kollect Hire also offers Grab Haulage Solutions for single and multiple loads, as well as eight-wheel tippers for large muck away jobs and site clearances and are committed to running their business ethically by recycling as much of the collected material as we can, in order to conserve the environment.

What Type Of Waste Can Kollect Hire Remove?

Grab trucks have exceptional accessibility, so they can pick up waste materials in even the most inaccessible spots. Some types of waste that they can remove include:

  • Soil – Generally, soil waste poses minimal risk to animals, humans, and the environment, and it does not degrade water quality,
  • Muck – removal of all waste or spoil during a construction project,
  • General Rubbish – removal of all general overflow of rubbish,
  • Green waste – refers to garden waste, such as grass and garden cuttings, tree feelings, and all matter that is biodegradable and does not harm the planet,
  • Hardcore waste – removal of aggregates like concrete and topsoil.

Important To Note

When deciding on hiring a grab lorry there are a few important factors to take into account like site access and headroom height available.

Typical grab lorries are roughly three metres wide, with a 25cm minimum clearance on either side, which means that the site access needs to be at least three metres wide before a grab lorry can be used. Additionally, you must also allow two extra metres of headroom (totaling 5.8 metres) in order for the crane to function.

Our Locations

Grab hire services provided by Kollect Hire are available in Southampton, Eastleigh, Winchester, Romsey, New Forest, and the surrounding areas. If you are in one of these areas and are looking for grab hire services, contact us today!